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About GMB and Politics

Politics has always flowed through GMB because we know that politics is really everyday life. From how much you’re paid to what rights you have when you get to work, to the cost of childcare or even how late the pub stays open – it all comes back to a political decision someone, somewhere has made.

GMB’s Political department exists to help our members understand how politics influences our lives and in turn to influence politics to deliver positive change for us, our families and our communities.

Following a very hard fought campaign in May, where GMB members came out in their thousands to support Labour party candidates, some of whom are also GMB members, the Conservative party were elected with an overall majority albeit only 12, but they are now as they put it, unfettered and unhindered by their coalition partners the Liberal Democrats, who were all but wiped out in the election returning only 8 Members of Parliament.

The Labour party’s numbers were swelled during the summer by registered supporters and trade union members signing up to become affiliated members to take part in the election of a new Labour leader and deputy leader. Jeremy Corbyn was overwhelmingly elected as leader and Tom Watson was elected Deputy.

The Conservative Government has wasted no time in their attacks on not only us in the Trade Union movement but also on the most vulnerable people in our society.

Since May’s election the government have introduced measures that will cut the Welfare Bill by removing working families tax credits (a measure that wasn’t in their manifesto) from people, those receiving this benefit were duped into believing that the £12 billion of cuts which was talked about before the election wouldn’t affect them because they weren’t sitting at home on benefits they were out working!

This is at the same time as introducing changes to the inheritance tax that will benefit millionaires.

They have introduced a Trade Union bill which is a fundamental attack on the whole of the Trade Union movement but also through the proposals contained in the bill that deals with our ability to keep and spend a Political Fund it attacks Her Majesty’s official opposition the Labour party.

GMB will continue to support the Labour Party as the party that best represents our policies, we will continue to provide political education for new shop stewards and run political awareness courses in regions when asked to do so. We also work with TULO to provide training and support for Trade Union members who aspire to become elected representatives in whatever capacity and in whatever political institution.

We will work with all our elected representatives to support and promote GMB policies.

We want more of you our members to get active in your branches and communities and any help and support you need to this just get in touch with either us or your regional Political Officer whose details are contained in these pages.

At our Congress in 2012, GMB passed a political strategy to help politics – and the Labour Party – look and sound more like the people it represents. You can read the political strategy passed at our congress in additional resources at the bottom of the page.

GMB also runs a Labour Councillor Network.  The Councillor pages are for elected GMB Labour Councillors only, so you will need to sign up to access them.  Once you are in, there“s a range of useful information and materials including model motions and Best Practice from across the country.  You can sign up to the Network by emailing your name, membership number, elected Local Authority to

On our political pages you can find information about national and regional political teams, information about how to get more politically involved and information about how GMB works with the Labour Party. You can get involved in our current campaigns

If you’d like even more information than that, head over to GMB Politics to see more about training courses and action you can take to make GMB’s voice heard with the people we elect to represent us. 




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Additional Resources

CEC Special Political Report 2012

download pdf120Kb (pdf) - 04 November 2015

Political strategy document passed at GMB Congress in 2012