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GMB Candidates Experiences

Here are two accounts from GMB members who have been through the GMB programme to help members be selected as Labour candidates for council and Parliamentary elections.

Lisa Forbes

I'm a mum of who has lived in Peterborough for over 25 years. I'm from an ordinary working class background: my dad was a a manual labourer and my mum was a carer in the NHS. I've done all sorts of jobs, from potato picking to being a travel agent!

I got involved with the Labour Party after the last election, because I remember what happened to my family the last time the Tories were in power. People herre can't afford for that to happen again. I know my family can't - we're already starting to feel the pinch.

Thanks to the support of the trade unions - especially GMB - I was recently selected to be the prospective parliamentary candidate for Peterborough. GMB is serious about helping people like me get into parliament. They'r serious about supporting people with a genuine connection to the everyday lives of working people, and the support they gave me really showed that.

If Labour is going to deliver policies that relate to the real lives of the people we seek to represent (and win elections at the same time), we need more GMB members to come forward to become party members, activists, councillors, MPs and elected representatives at all levels. It mights seem daunting, but whether it's going along to your branch meeting or asking for advice on standing for council there is always someone on the end of the phone to ask for advice.

When I moved to Peterborough 25 years ago, I never dreamed I would be standing to be the City's MP. Now I am determined to beat the Tories and make sure that people have someone in Westminster who understands the impact of government policy on their everyday lives.

See Lisa's videos below

Clive Lewis

I've lived in Norwich for more than 12 years and work locally at the BBC. I'm not from a professional political background so running for Labour was daunting. It was certainly a bit different to the Afghan desert, where I served as an army reserve.

From the Coalition's plans to close 2/3 of Remploy factories to their nakedly political attack on the pensions of public sector workers, it's obvious that the first priority is to get rid of this government.

But I don't think that's enough in itself. Undoubtedly, the Labour Party did many good things during our time in government, but we also got some very important things wrong and didn't do enough in other areas.

I'm not in this politics business for the career - I want to see real and lasting change for the many not the few. For me, getting a Labour government is just the first step.

GMB supported me throughout my selection and continues to support me now. I will be working closely with GMB to secure the change we need for people, families, communities and for society as a whole. If you live in Norwich and want to get involved, get in touch at

See Clive's videos below

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