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GMB Congress 2018

GMB Congress is held annually and is where the lay member, ruling body of GMB decides GMB policy on all issues.

GMB Congress 2018 and GMB Section Conferences 2018 will be held in Brighton on Sunday 3 June to Wednesday 6  June 2018.

This is how to get involved if you want to attend a GMB Congress or put forward a motion to make GMB policy. You have to have been a paid up GMB member for 53 weeks.

For the 2018 edition of the GMB Policy Guide, which summarises existing policy under broad key themes, please see here

For the progress report on decisions of GMB Congress 2017, please see here

You can watch our video playlist of Congress 2017 here

Please do check back here for newly published documents relating to Congress 2018.

Image credit: design_rob via Flickr

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