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DCI Gordon Mills and Crocodile Tears Campaign

"In March 2015, GMB published a number of press statements about its 'Crocodile Tears' campaign which 'named and shamed' a number of individuals connected to the Consulting Association, an organisation set up by 44 construction companies to blacklist thousands of construction workers and environmental activists

One of those named was Gordon Mills, who had been a Detective Chief Inspector with the National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU). In November 2008, Mr Mills had given a presentation for NETCU to a Consulting Association meeting attended by security personnel from its construction company members.

By naming him in the Crocodile Tears campaign, GMB did not intend to suggest that Mr Mills was directly responsible for the Consulting Association's blacklisting. GMB is happy to make this clear and acknowledges Mr Mills' position that he was not knowingly involved in, or responsible for, any information passing between the police and the Consulting Association used to blacklist workers."

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