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Labour Party Leadership 2016

Update: Labour Leadership 2016 Ballot Papers

The Labour Party is administering the Labour Leadership 2016 election - GMB does not have any role in the administration of the balloting process. 

Want to know where your Labour Leadership ballot is? Contact the Labour Party directly on 0345 092 22 99 or email 

Update: GMB Labour Leadership 2016 Member Ballot

The Labour Party is at a crossroads. Whoever becomes the next Labour Party leader will determine its future, and with it whether Labour will be able to put in place policies that make life better for you, your family, and the people you work with.

This is a unique situation, which is why your union is asking you to have a say (if you're a GMB Scotland member, click here).

Members will receive a communication either by email or in the post. This should arrive with you no later than Tuesday 2 August 2016 and must be returned by Wednesday 10 August 2016.

This current GMB Labour Leadership 2016 Member Ballot is not a vote in the Labour Leadership election itself - it is internal and for GMB members only.

Ballot papers for the Labour Party leadership contest will be sent out to Labour Party Members and Affiliated Supporters later in the month by the Party.

If you would like a vote in the Labour Leadership election, please read below or go to  to sign up to be Labour Party Affiliated Supporter. It's free to do so, but you must sign up by noon on Monday 8 August 2016.

If you don't receive your ballot paper, call 020 8365 8909 or email quoting ‘GMB Labour Leadership 2016 Member Ballot’.

GMB Labour Leadership 2016 Member Ballot

The upcoming Labour Party leadership contest will shape the Party’s future.

In the previous leadership election, GMB did not endorse any candidate. We will be consulting far and wide with our members about whether the union will endorse a candidate in this election, but to have a say you have to register as an affiliated supporter, which I encourage you to do.

The cutoff date to register with the Labour Party is noon on 8th August 2016. The details of how it all works are below, and the affiliate supporter online application is here:

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary

How do I vote in the Labour Party leadership contest?

Labour Party rules for the Leadership election mean that to be eligible to vote:

  • You must have been a member of GMB on or before 12th January 2016
  • You must be registered as an affiliate supporter of the Labour Party

How do I become an affiliated supporter?

It’s easy to become an affiliated supporter and it is absolutely free to GMB members– your affiliation fee is covered by your union subs (the political levy section). You have to:

  • Sign up either by paper form (coming soon) or online, completing the whole form and not missing out any required fields. The form is here:
  • Sign a statement on your paper form or online form which states that you support the aims and values of the Labour Party and confirms that you are not a supporter of any other political party.
  • Be on the electoral register at the address you’ve given to GMB and and the Labour Party.

What happens when I've signed up?

The Labour Party is responsible for conducting the election for Labour Party Leader and will check all applications to be affiliate supporters against the electoral register and conduct other checks on members to ensure that they are not supporters of any other parties.

GMB will issue information to members about the leadership election throughout the election period, the Labour Party and leadership candidates will also get in touch with GMB members who are successfully accepted as affiliated supporters.

Once you’re an affiliated supporter, you remain one unless you opt out of the system.

If you would like to download a basic form for yourself or your workplace, please click here.

We are encouraging GMB members to sign up online because it saves the union time and money, and also guarantees your application will be dealt with as quickly as possible.

For more information, please email

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Additional Resources

Downloadable affiliated supporter form

download pdf246Kb (pdf) - 25 July 2016

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