2020 Local Government NJC Pay Proposals: frequently asked questions

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GMB is asking our members in local government and in schools across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to take part in an online pay ballot.

View our frequently asked questions below.

Who does this apply to?

All staff on NJC Green Book conditions working in councils, schools, academies and various other bodies.

Over 1 million workers are covered by NJC Green Book conditions.

Staff in England, Wales & Northern Ireland. Pay offer is a One year pay deal from 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021.

Who doesn't this apply to?

Staff on Craft Red Book terms, staff on Chief Officer Terms, or staffs coming under any pay arrangements other than the NJC Green Book.

For example, staff working in academies which do not follow green book terms and conditions (unless they have transferred from a local authority and retained their terms and conditions under a TUPE transfer).

For Craft and Chief Officers there are on-going discussions details can be found on the online noticeboards.

I work in an academy; how can I know if the proposals apply to me?

For the vast majority of academy staff, the pay offer will apply because your pay is still determined by NJC.

However, for a small number pay may not be determined in this way.

For example, in a multi academy trust that has moved away from NJC and negotiates pay separately, where staff have a new academy contract.

If you are unsure, contact your local GMB, branch details can be found here.

What are Spinal Column Points and how do they relate to me?

Spinal Column Points (SCPs) are a set of salary levels.

Together they make up the national pay spine, which is what the NJC negotiates on.

Due to the introduction of the national pay spine in 2019, SCP start at SCP 1 and the highest is SCP 41.

The NJC rates for SCP 1 at 2019 is at £9.00 an hour, giving a full time annual salary of £17,364.

These salary levels are used by employers to design their local pay grades or pay scales and there are many variations, depending on which local authority you are contracted to work in.

What are the proposals worth to members?

The total increase to each spine point is 2.75%

What about part-time workers?

The percentage increase would be applied in full to your actual salary.

I have more than one job, what about me?

The percentage increase is applied in full to your salary for each job, providing they are all for the same employer.

My employer pays me a Living Wage supplement, what happens to me?

The percentage increase will apply to your basic pay.

It is up to your employer, but they may adjust the offer.

Please seek support from your union rep if this is the case.

What about pensions?

Percentage increases are pensionable (and subject to National Insurance and tax)

What about leavers and new starters?

Anyone who leaves before April 2020, i.e. before any of these proposals would become effective, would not get anything.

A new starter would get whatever is applicable from the day they join plus will benefit from the one day’s additional leave on the minimum.

I'm on official leave, what happens to me?

Whether on maternity leave, adoption leave, parental leave or sick leave, the percentage increases will apply to basic pay.

However, they are not paid to anyone on a career break.

What’s the schedule for the consultation?

In GMB all members have a say on their pay. Electronic voting, ‘E-Voting’ will take place in your workplace, on-line, and in digital workplace meetings.

The pay ballot will open Monday 22nd June 2020 and the ballot will close Thursday 06th August 2020.

The other recognised trade unions are also carrying out consultations according to their normal practices and all aim to finish around the same time (approx).

Only members of the recognised trade unions get a vote.

If accepted by the majority of the union membership then the offer will apply from 1st April, 2020.

Regular bulletins are being issued by the GMB and can be found here.

What if I'm not a GMB member?

Join today at www.gmb.org.uk/join and information on how to take part in the ballot and vote on the offer will be issued to you.

Once a member, we will ensure the appropriate pay uplift is applied.

The GMB has an army of GMB reps across your workplaces to ensure the offer if accepted is applied properly.

I'm having technical difficulties

We're sorry that you've experienced an issue trying to vote in this important ballot.

The first thing to check is your web browser - if you're using Internet Explorer, this is an old browser and might not be supported. Please try and submit the ballot form with a different browser. 

If that does not solve your issue, please email hello@gmb.org.uk with details of the issue and screenshots if possible. Please include any error messages given and details of the device and web browser you were using.

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