Asda Update

GMB has won some improvements on contract 6 but the concessions don’t go far enough. We're currently talking to Asda to seek a better deal.

We're running a consultative ballot to get members' views - but we need your help to get the message out.


↓ Consultative ballot latest 

We're consulting with members to see what they think.

Read our full update on the GMB cosultative ballot at Asda


↓ Asda National Demo 

 Join us if you can

Wednesday 14th, from 12 noon in Leeds City Square

↓ 1-2-1 meeting guidance 

Lots of Asda members and colleagues are worried about being forced to sign the new Contract 6. There is also a fear that colleagues may be forced to sign the new contract in ‘One to One’ meetings. 

GMB wants to make sure it's clear: workers do not have to sign anything. 

Read our short guide here


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92% of Asda workers oppose the imposition of contract 6

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