British Gas | Intimidation report

It saddens us to say that we have received lots of complaints from members about bullying tactics from British Gas.

This started before strike action began on Thursday 7 January but has unfortunately risen since.

Workers have reported being intimidated by British Gas into signing up to their terms, logging into their work systems, and letting their managers know whether they intend to/or indeed are striking. They are being contacted while at home - isolating or off sick.

We do not take strike action lightly. GMB members have already been bullied and backed into a corner by the company's continued refusal to withdraw the threat of fire and rehire.

 Enough is enough. Our members won't be bullied anymore. 

Let us know if you've suffered bullying, intimidation or pressure of any kind from British Gas - during this industrial action or before - using our secure form below.

All details will be kept strictly confidential. To view how we process data, please view our privacy policy.


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