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British Gas have gone very quiet about their threats to fire and rehire their own workforce, so help us ask them about it

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 As a concerned British Gas customer... 

As a @BritishGas customer I’ve had great customer care from staff. They don't deserve to be treated so shoddily. When will you withdraw your threats? #AskBritishGas


As a @BritishGas customer I’m appalled at how you are treating your workforce. Why won’t you treat people fairly? #AskBritishGas


 On the immoral use of fire and rehire tactics... 

Your threat to fire and rehire your entire @BritishGas workforce has been condemned by your own staff, customers and across the political spectrum. Why won’t you withdraw it? #AskBritishGas


Why have you tarnished the reputation of a once great British company by threatening your loyal and dedicated engineers? #AskBritishGas


When will you withdraw your threats to fire and rehire the entire @BritishGas workforce? #AskBritishGas


 On boss Chris O'Shea's obscene hypocrisy... 

Is it true that @BritishGas boss Chris O’Shea earns 20 times the earnings of an experienced engineer? How much does he stand to pocket from cutting the pay, terms and conditions of your entire workforce? #AskBritishGas


After @BritishGas parent company made almost a billion pounds in operating profits last year, why are you provoking an engineers’ strike in the depths of winter? #AskBritishGas



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