10 pound NOW: a minimum wage we can live on

The introduction of the national minimum wage by a Labour government was a hugely important step for working people in this country.

But it’s been allowed to wither on the vine, while bosses’ pay has sky rocketed. 

And there's one big problem with the Governmet's knock-off Living Wage: it's set at a level people can't actually live on.

It’s time for Ministers to get serious on low pay, 20 years down the line we need to make sure the minimum wage is enough for people and families to live on without having to rely to food banks or resort to borrowing from pay day lenders.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary

In fact, millions of workers would be more than £7,500 per year better off if the National Minimum wage had increased as the same rate as bosses’ pay.

We've calculated that If statutory pay had kept pace with the average pay of FTSE100 CEOs, it would now be a whopping £11.41 an hour – or more than £23,700 a year.

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No one should work hard all week and still be trapped in poverty. It’s a national scandal and it makes no economic sense.

People on the minimum wage don’t squirrel their money away in tax havens - they spend it in local shops and on the high street which benefits the real economy.

That's why GMB campaigns for a minimum wage of at least £10 an hour.


Video: history of the minimum wage

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