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GMB is appalled by the treatment of our five reps and members at Marley - known as the Marley Five - for what we believe is solely due to their involvement in lawful industrial action.  

Five workers, including a leading rep, took legal industrial action along with their colleagues in December. 

During these peaceful strike days, many workers saw a manager drive his own car recklessly at the picket line, nearly hitting one worker. 

The same manager then instructed a lorry driver to head straight for the picket line, workers say, seriously endangering his own employees’ safety, as well as breaking road laws and Marley’s own Health and Safety policies. 

The incidents were reported to the police - but instead of taking action against the manager, the company suspended five long standing members of staff. 

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The workers, who have a combined 155 years at the company, now have a Trade Dispute in support of them lodged by GMB, which is backed by the entire GMB membership. 

Marley's decision to discipline five striking workers, sacking three of them, who were put in danger during this incident, whilst taking no action against the manager or the driver, is unfair, unjust, and demonstrates that the company clearly wish to punish GMB workers for taking legal strike action over pay. 

GMB have set up a petition to call on Marley management to drop all charges against the Marley Five by reinstating the three dismissed workers and removing the final written warning from the other two immediately.

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