The Final Say

GMB is calling on the Prime Minister to give the British public the final say on the Brexit deal.

If Theresa May is so confident in achieving a deal that working people, our economy and communities will benefit from then she should have nothing to fear from putting that to the test.   

It’s what we do as trade unionists - day in, day out we negotiate the best possible deal for our members before going back to see if they approve.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary

If Theresa May can’t get a deal that works for working people then she must step aside.

In 2016, GMB union members, like the country, were divided on Brexit. Many people were sick of the status quo, and thought a vote to leave would bring the change they so desperately wanted.

Others thought, on balance – despite some of the European Union’s imperfections - that we were still were better off in. By and large our 620,000 members are reflective of the public.

GMB campaigned to remain, but when the referendum result was announced in June 2016, we accepted the decision of the people.

But that doesn’t mean the public should be shut out of the entire process, blindly left to trust hard right Tories like Dominic Raab or Jacob Rees-Mogg in the far-fetched belief they will do what is right for us all. 

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Putting the Government’s deal to the people doesn’t mean Brexit can’t happen.

If the Prime Minister’s deal is the will of the people, then no-one will doubt it and the country can then move on.  

But equally, given the promises made and how we arrived here, people might look at the practicalities and say maybe we need to think again.

And so it is the people who must be the ones to decide whether Theresa May’s version of Brexit beats the deal we already have with Europe.

There are no unicorns - or pots of gold at the end of the rainbow - just real choices with real-life consequences that each of us ultimately will have to live by.

The final say on Brexit

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