Give our NHS heroes a proper pay increase

NHS workers have been heroes on the frontline during this pandemic.

Yet despite all the warm words from the Government, NHS workers have suffered a decade of real terms pay cuts.

The public recognised our members’ worth from the start of this crisis. Now it’s time for the Government to do the same.

Our NHS heroes don’t need a clap, a badge or even a snack box – they need a proper pay increase.

Please sign our petition calling on Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to give these heroes the pay increase they deserve.

Our demands on the Government


  • A 15% wage increase, or £2 per hour, whichever is the greatest.
  • Unsocial hours enhancements on sick leave for all staff.
  • A commitment that NHS Pay will never fall below a Real Living Wage again.
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Give our NHS heroes a proper pay increase

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Back our call for a proper pay increase for our NHS heroes

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