Labour Leadership Election 2020 - FAQs

Everything you need to know about the Labour leadership elections

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What is the timeline?

The keys dates for GMB members are the deadline to register to vote - 5pm on Monday 3rd February - and the ballot opening on 21st February. The full timetable is at the bottom of the page.

How much does it cost to sign up?

It is completely free to GMB members who pay the political levy.

How can I sign up?

The best way to register to vote is by completing the form on the GMB website – www.gmb.org.uk/labourleadership2020

You can also look out for emails from GMB letting you register by simply clicking on a link.

Who is eligible?

Any GMB member who pays the political levy who joined on or before 20th January 2020 can sign up as an affiliated supporter and get a vote. 

Registering and voting is free of charge to members.

How will I get vote?

Affiliated supporters will have ballots sent to them by email – make sure you remember which email address you give and to check all folders (including your spam folder) in the week after 21st February.

If you have any issues, get in touch with us on politics@gmb.org.uk

Who is GMB supporting and how is the decision made?

GMB’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) will make a decision on the nomination for Leader and Deputy at a meeting following a hustings on 21st January 2020.

The CEC is the highest lay member body in the union, elected by members to govern GMB.

Post-holder in the union were asked to feed in to the decision making process in the week commencing 6th January.

How do I have a say on who GMB supports?

Because of the tight timetable, we are unable to ballot all GMB members on who they would wish to nominate as we simply couldn’t turn the process around in the time.

To feed in to the Special CEC Hustings on Tuesday, 21st January please send your thoughts and/or questions to your local GMB office and/or CEC delegates: https://www.gmb.org.uk/gmb-regions

I’ve already signed up – do I get a vote?

Yes. Members who signed up as affiliated supporters in 2015 or 2016 do no need to re-register (although there is no harm in them signing back up at www.gmb.org.uk/labourleader2020). 

The union will need to confirm the eligibility of all existing affiliated supporters.

I want to help sign members up, what can I do?

Your first point of contact is your Regional Political Officer (contact details below).

The best way for members to sign up is on the GMB website – www.gmb.org.uk/labourleader2020 - so get this round your colleagues and fellow GMB members and get them on board.







North West


Birmingham and West Midlands


Midland and East Coast


Wales and South West






Yorkshire and North Derbyshire



Full timetable for the contest

Mon 6 Jan - NEC Meeting – timetable agreed and published

Tue 7 Jan - PLP and EPLP nominations open and Leader hustings

Monday 13 Jan (2.30 pm) - PLP and EPLP nominations close

Tuesday 14 Jan (5pm) - Registered supporters applications open

Thursday 16 Jan (5pm) - Registered supporters applications close

Wed 15 Jan - Open of CLP and affiliate nominations

Mon 20 Jan (5pm) - Freeze date for membership and supporter eligibility

Mon 3 Feb (5pm) - Last day for affiliated supporters to sign up

Fri 14 Feb - Close of CLP and affiliate nominations and last day for membership to be in full compliance (including full payment of arrears)

Fri 21 Feb - Ballot Opens

Fri 27 March - Last date for postal ballot reissues

Mon 30 March - Last date for email ballot reissues

Thu 2 April (Noon) - Ballot Closes

Sat 4 April - Special Conference to announce results

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