Mary MacArthur Award 2020

Do you know a GMB Safety Rep who has made a real difference at work? Someone who brings energy, enthusiasm and new ideas to promoting health and safety at work and challenges bad practice to make work safer? If so, please tell us about them!

The objective of this award is to make sure the positive difference union reps can make in the workplace are highlighted and celebrated. We aim to recognise an individual who has made a difference to the working lives of the members they represent.

Since 2018 the Health and Safety Rep of the Year Award has been named after Mary MacArthur, who in 1910 led the women chain makers of Cradley Heath to victory in their fight for a minimum wage and led a strike to force employers to implement the rise.

She later helped to end the barbaric practice of ‘sweating’ workers and campaigned to improve safety standards for women working with explosives in World War One. She established the national Federation of Women Workers (NFWW) in 1906 as women were not allowed to join the existing trade unions of the time, in 1921 the NFWW merged with GMB.

In recognition of the remarkable work that Mary MacArthur did throughout her lifetime, we are asking you to nominate Health & Safety reps who have made an outstanding contribution to workplace safety, often in the face of opposition from employers.

Previous nominees are eligible to be put forward, and nominations are particularly encouraged for reps who are covered by the various strands of the Equality Act. All members, branches or health and safety forums can make nominations so please tell us about a GMB Health and Safety Rep who’s made a real difference where you work.

Please fill in the online form by Wednesday 29th April 2020. Nominations will be considered by the General Secretary and the awards presented to the winners at GMB Congress in Blackpool between 7th - 11th June 2020.

The overall winner will also be nominated for the TUC Health and Safety Representative of the Year award, which is presented at TUC Congress in September.

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