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Key workers on the frontline – from social care and the NHS to school staff, utilities, food production, refuse workers and supermarket workers (and so many more) – are risking their health to look after others.

The lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a crisis within a crisis.

Every day GMB has been inundated by calls, emails and social media posts about the lack of PPE provision.

GMB is taking on this fight employer by employer and calling on the government for immediate action. We’ll keep doing that – we want nothing more than to keep you safe, and our country has a duty to do that too.

We need to understand where there is a problem so that we can support you and advise you.

Please share your experiences with us.

We are receiving such a volume coming in, we’ll try to get back to everyone who raises an individual issue – but please be assured that every response will be looked at so we can go straight to employers and Ministers with the reality of life for frontline workers to get the right equipment to the right people in the right places.

Stay safe.

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