Protect the protectors

The idea of attacking one of our emergency service workers as they do their duty saving lives is particularly abhorrent. But research from GMB revealed the extent of danger facing these public sector heroes – so we began our push for new legislation to Protect the Protectors.

As a result of the success of this campaign, emergency services staff are one step closer to the protection they need on the job.

The legislation, that recieved royal assent in September 2018, brought into law new measures to protect staff - including punishments for those who carry out sexual attacks on emergency workers.

It's not the end. We know that, by itself, a change of the law isn’t enough.

These new provisions must be enforced, and the culture in NHS Trusts has to change.

We are now continuing our campaign on Government to ensure proper enforcement action to make sure that those who attack emergency workers are brought to justice.

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