Reasonable Adjustment Passport

In 2019 GMB and the TUC launched a new reasonable adjustments disability passport to help the nearly 1 million disabled people who fall out of work or switch employers each year, to get the support they need in the workplace 


What is a RAP?

A reasonable adjustment passport (RAP) is a record of adjustments agreed between a worker who has a disability or health condition and their manager. The passport acts as a 'live' document about agreed changes in the workplace. 

Why is GMB fighting for it?

While it's been law for employers to make reasonable adjustments for disabled workers for almost 25 years, many disabled workers still face a daily battle at work, even for the basic things they need to do their job. 

Disabled workers are also still twice as likely to drop out of work than non-disabled workers, many because they do not have the reasonable adjustments, they need in place. This can lead to a greater likelihood of poverty, hardship and unemployment, when disabled workers feel forced out of their jobs. 

GMB believes that reasonable adjustment passports can make working life better and fairer for disabled workers.  

As the passport sets out clearly what adjustments have been agreed to between a line manager and worker,  disabled workers who move roles, or if there is a change in line manager, workers do not have to re-explain or renegotiate their reasonable adjustments. 

This passport is a short policy we believe could improve the lives of millions of workers, to not just survive in work, but to thrive! 

What can it include?

A reasonable adjustments passport could include any adjustment or change that is needed by the worker to reduce barriers in their workplace to them doing their job.  

This could include:  

  • Providing specially adapted equipment or software ( a chair, bigger computer screens or voice recognition software) 
  • Temporarily changing the duties of the job 
  • Changing break times or working patterns 
  • Allowing flexible working 
  • Time off for medical appointments 

Who can get a copy and what happens next?

If someone has a passport, they can share it with anyone they think needs to know about the barriers they face in work and the adjustments that are needed to reduce them.  

This will probably need to include your manger and in some workplaces HR. It should not be shared without the disabled workers permission. 

What can Reps do?

GMB Reps already play a huge role in supporting individual members in getting the reasonable adjustments they need. However this can be a long and stressful process for members where this is no agreed timelines or processes in place. 

To be effective, the passports need to be agreed to by employer, at a company role level.  GMB Reps are in an important position to get reasonable adjustments disability passports on the bargaining agenda, to get employers to sign up to the policy. 

For further information on reasonable adjustments passports, including a template reasonable adjustments passport and a model employer agreement, click the buttons below. 

The full report     Template Reasonable Adjustments Passport    Template workplace policy 

For more information please contact the Equality and Inclusion department on equalityinclusion@gmb.org.uk or your regional equality officer

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