#SaveOurStores Asda/Sainsbury's merger

We're calling on the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), the body that makes sure no one company gets too big and control the entire sector, to ensure jobs are protected in the Asda/Sainsbury's merger. 

This announcement has only just happened. We do not know if any or which Asda stores and depots are at risk, but if we are honest, if a corpate merger forces an Asda sell-off then jobs will be put at risk.

GMB is doing everything we can to protect members’ jobs – that is our number one priority.

But we need your help, if you support our campaign to protect jobs and prevent closures of stores and depots then add your name to this letter to the CMA. 

Letter to the CMA

Dear CMA, 

Asda in my area supports people’s jobs, the livelihoods of many families and is vital for our local community. 

Corporate mergers cannot be allowed to take place at any cost. The price shoppers and workers face paying for the Sainsbury’s proposed merger with Asda is too high, with a risk to hundreds of stores, depots and thousands of jobs, ripping the heart out of our local communities.

These merger plans are a bad deal for workers and shoppers alike risking higher prices, less choice and putting the jobs of thousands of working people, many of whom have worked at Asda for many years, on the line. 

I support Asda in being the highly successful, standalone business it has been for generations, but it’s increasingly clear that is incompatible with this Sainsbury’s merger. I am calling on you to protect our communities and people’s livelihoods and block the merger.

Yours sincerely, 

Best wishes,


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Dear CMA, I am calling on you to support our campaign to #SaveOurStore. Best wishes,

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We're calling on the CMA to protect jobs at Asda and Sainsbury's

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