Stop the British Gas fire

British Gas was once a great company, but the company has been let down by successive regimes of mismanagement.

Every time the “solution” has been to cut jobs, pensions and working conditions whilst the gravy train to the top brass has changed little. Our members have done everything they’ve been asked, always on the promise that this will lead to prosperity - but hasn’t.

The latest round of talks has been kicked off with British Gas parent company, Centrica, threatening to dismiss the entire workforce if they don’t accept management proposals.

This ‘gun to the head’ style of negotiation is wrong and GMB members who have given decades of their lives into the company deserve better.

Join us in calling on the company to take their ‘fire and rehire’ threat off the table.

Our demands

We, the undersigned, call on Chris O’Shea, Chief Executive of Centrica, to call off his threats to fire and rehire the workforce at British Gas and PH Jones and to withdraw the HR1 and s188 notices the company has issued for its workers.

No way O’Shea!

Do the right thing, get round the table and agree a shared recovery with those who made the company what it is.

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Stop the British Gas fire

Sign now!

Back our call on Centrica to withdraw threats to fire and rehire British Gas workers

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