SUCCESS: Condemn Synergy LMS for 'fire and rehire' threats

Big thanks to the everyone who got involved in this campaign.

Thanks to your support Synergy LMS dropped their fire and rehire threats.

Your support proves there is power in a union.

Derby based company Synergy LMS is one of the biggest providers of commercial linen in the UK, even providing major contracts to our National Health Service.

It’s threats to ‘fire and rehire’ it’s entire workforce on worse terms and conditions is irresponsible and unfair.

Fire and rehire sees workers ‘laid off’, only to be re-employed but with significantly worse terms and conditions. It's an outrageous and immoral tactic and it should be outlawed in the UK - like it already is in Spain and Ireland.

Add your voice and join GMB in condemning the threats at Synergy LMS

To the Senior Management at Synergy LMS,

Your threats to fire and rehire hardworking and loyal staff are irresponsible and unfair.

Fire and rehire is now widely condemned as a practise more fitted to the Victorian era than 2021.

I ask you to step back from the brink on this matter and engage with GMB Union and it’s members in finding a route forward.

Fire and rehire threats have to go.

Yours sincerely,


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