Wages not based on ages

Young workers demand equal pay for equal work

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Far from giving young people a 'step up', the Government's National Living Wage does not currently apply to workers aged under 25 meaning that in 2020 younger workers can be paid up to 47% less than their older colleagues doing the same job, even if they are more experienced. 

GMB analysis of the latest figures reveal that half a million young people in the UK are affected by these lower wage rates - people with young families to look after and housing costs to pay, who cannot afford their living costs even with two adults working as they are trapped in low-paid work with little guaranteed hours. 

The Government's so-called National Living Wage is nothing more than a rebranded minimum wage, discriminating on the basis of age. It's time these wage bands were scrapped by applying the National Living Wage to under 25s, and increasing it to a real living wage workers can live on.

Alice's story

“The worst thing about my experience was that I was actually getting paid the same as everyone else, until my boss realised how young I was. Once he did, he docked my wages. 

"As a result, I couldn't afford to move out with my partner, or  even think about having a a social life. I'm not asking for much, simply to be paid the same wage as my colleagues  for doing the same job.

“It’s not like I get discounted bills or rent, so why should I be employed at a discounted rate of pay?"

Alice Pitchford, GMB Young Member

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