Extended furlough arrangements

Furlough arrangements have been extended - here's what you need to know

The Government has announced the extension of the furlough arrangements (otherwise known as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – CJRS) until the end of March 2021.

Details of how the scheme will operate are contained here. Details of how it will operate after the end of November 2020 are still to be announced.

Furlough extension details

It has been confirmed that the arrangements apply continuously from the original CJRS scheme – i.e. a worker who was furloughed at 31st October is eligible from 1st November for furlough.

The extended scheme is at the rate of 80% of pay and not at the reduced rate that was in place during October. 

The scheme can only be applied for by employers (not by individual workers) so it is important that GMB workplace reps: 

  • Make the case for furlough arrangements to apply and for jobs to be saved 

  • Ensure that furlough arrangements are introduced fairly and in consultation with union representatives. 

The checklist for reps on furlough still applies and can be accessed here.

Furlough checklist

We raised with the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy the need to extend the CJRS beyond the end of November and we therefore welcome the Chancellor’s statement on 5th November that it will be extended to the end of March 2021.

It is essential that employers embrace this scheme and use it to protect jobs and avoid redundancies.  

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