Extended furlough arrangements

Furlough arrangements have been extended - here's what you need to know

The Government has announced a further extension to the furlough arrangements (otherwise known as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – CJRS) until the end of September 2021.

Details of how the scheme will operate are contained here.

The Government’s financial contribution to employers via the extended CJRS tapers from July meaning that until then employers can claim the usual 80% of wages and then 70% for July and 60% for August and September.

Furlough details

It is important to note that furloughed employees must receive at least 80% pay for the time they are furloughed and that employers must top up to at least 80% for July to September.

The eligibility rules for the furlough scheme are detailed here.

The scheme can only be applied for by employers (not by individual workers) so it is important that GMB workplace reps:

  • Talk now to employers about their plans for July onwards when the Government’s contribution to furlough rates starts to taper
  • Make the case for furlough arrangements to apply and for jobs to be saved 
  • Ensure that furlough arrangements are introduced fairly and in consultation with union representatives

The checklist for reps on furlough still applies and can be accessed here.

Checklist for GMB reps

It is essential that employers embrace this scheme and use it to protect jobs and avoid redundancies.  


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