Find out if you can claim more than £100 in tax relief

If you've been required to work from home - even if just for a day - since April 6th then you might be able to claim tax relief

Find out if you're entitled to tax relief

Because of current restrictions many employers have had to require their employees to work from home - but did you know you can claim for this if you've had increased or additional household costs?

These costs could be anything from electricity, heating and metered water bills to WiFi or phone bills).

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has even confirmed that this includes if you have to work from home because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

In fact, you've always been able to claim for these if you're employer requires you to work from home.

Also because workers' situations are more fluid due to coronavirus this year, the Government has said they will pay out a whole year's worth of relief even if you were only required to work from home one day.

This means you don't have to submit several claims - you would automatically get it claimed for the entire tax year at the £6/week relief rate.

How much you can claim?

You can either claim tax relief on:

  • £6 a week from 6 April 2020 (for previous tax years the rate is £4 a week) - you will not need to keep evidence of your extra costs
  • the exact amount of extra costs you’ve incurred above the weekly amount - you’ll need evidence such as receipts, bills or contracts

You’ll get tax relief based on the rate at which you pay tax. For example, if you pay the 20% basic rate of tax and claim tax relief on £6 a week you would get £1.20 per week in tax relief (20% of £6).

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