Inspections and Review

We believe inspections should be more frequent and more specific 

Once the risk assessment is performed and the necessary measures in place, it is absolutely critical that the standards are upheld, and the risk assessment regularly reviewed to ensure it is still accurate. 

The Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 give the rights to perform workplace inspections (Regulations 5 and 6) and form safety committees (Regulation 9). In both cases, these are to be held at least every 3 months.  

During the current Covid pandemic, the situation is changing regularly and dramatically, and three months is too long between inspections and meetings.  

GMB firmly believes that inspections should be much more frequent, and specific to consider primarily Covid issues.

For most workplaces, a weekly inspection and committee meeting should be implemented, to ensure that any issues identified can be urgently addressed.  

In some workplace where either the Covid risk is high, or workers are grouped into many cohorts (small teams), it may be better to organise daily floorwalks, so that cohorts do not have to mix.  

Whichever method is adopted, the most important consideration is that issues can be quickly identified and addressed, and the information can be quickly shared with the workforce.   

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