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National Lifelong Learning Fund

GMB Union believes in Lifelong Learning for all. We know that finances often make it difficult for members to access development opportunities.

On August 1st 2016 we launched GMB’s National Lifelong Learning Fund for members to help them access education. As a GMB member, you can now apply for up to £300 towards the cost of your training, whatever that may be.

Terms & Conditions

GMB Members can apply by completing a National Lifelong Learning fund application form for financial assistance towards any course that they have enrolled on, or would like to enrol on, to help them to achieve a qualification or skill which will enable them to improve their present & future employment and career opportunities.

Successful applicants cannot reapply to the fund for a period of 12 months from receiving their last grant from the fund.

All Applicants to the National Lifelong Learning Fund must apply to any regional learning funds and consult with their employers and branch for funding prior to applying to the National Lifelong Learning Fund.

If funding has been granted from the regional funds, employer or branch but does not meet the required amount to undertake the course the applicant is enrolled or would like to enrol on then applicants can still apply to the National Lifelong Learning Fund.

Application Process & Criteria

  • The applicant must have been a fully paid up member, on either the full-time, part-time, Sick/Unemployed or any other type of membership rate for more than 53 weeks.
  • Successful applicants will be expected to retain their membership throughout the whole process with regards to the funding received.
  • Further to this, depending on the amount applied for, the funding would be set out in three time-served union membership tiers. The amount of funding for each tier is down to the panel’s discretion

Tier 1

Individuals who apply for £100 or less, must have paid 53 weeks continuous membership to the GMB.

Tier 2

Individuals who apply for between £100 up to £200, must have paid 106 weeks continuous membership to the GMB.

Tier 3

Individuals who apply for between £200 to the maximum of £300, must have paid 159 weeks continuous membership to the GMB.


Applications should be made prior to the commencement of a course of study or during the application stage when the individuals knows they are eligible to undertake the course.

A GMB member must complete the application form in full and return it to learning@gmb.org.uk. A member must have paid at least 53 weeks subscriptions and be fully financial at the time of application.

No commitments should be entered into on the assumption that an award will be made.

The awards do not apply to any other college, institution or training provider.

Online Application Form

Before completing the Application Form, please ensure you have contacted your branch and region for their support offers and have read through the application criteria. 

Applying for funding through GMB' National Lifelong Learning Fund makes no guarantee of being awarded funding support. 

Complete Application Form Here

If you experience any issues with the Online Application Form or have any questions, please email learning@gmb.org.uk

Regional & Branch Funds

Over the years, there have also been GMB members who believed in Lifelong Learning so much that either they, or other members in their memory, have set up regional educational funds for members in the local area. These funds have their own rules and are only open to members in the local area. To find out if you have an additional fund in your area please contact your regional office.


Some GMB Branches also have dedicated learning funds, more details can be found by contacting your local branch. 

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