Game Academy

GMB is proud to partner with the Game Academy to offer our members this special online programme designed for gamers

If you like to play video games, this course will help you to develop the skills you have built through playing and understand how to apply them to your working life.

Game skills such as problem-solving, communication, digital skills and leadership are in high demand in the labour market.

Powered by cutting-edge research and tech, Game Academy is a service that enables gamers to make the most of their in-game talent out of game.

Game Academy’s online course features in-game and real-life challenges, collaborative learning and uses platforms like YouTube, Discord and Twitch.

If you have any questions about this course or any of our GMB Learning programme, please email us at learning@gmb.org.uk

What does the programme involve?

  • Share your gaming profile with Game Academy, who will then analyse your gaming behaviour and report on your skills
  • Play your favourite games and complete challenges to sharpen those skills for your career
  • Review our recommendations of jobs and educational opportunities that suit the real you.

How does Game Academy work?

Game Academy has looked at the games, skills and careers of 50,000+ players.

They have analysed the top 500 games on Steam, gathered extensive academic research on the power of playing games and we’ve made ground-breaking links between players’ skills and the careers that use them.


All the research shows that gamers are super-talented and the workplace of the 21st Century needs your skills. This platform provides you with an chance to apply your gaming skills to your working life.

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