National Numeracy Day 2021

National Numeracy Day - 19 May

What's National Numeracy Day?

Let's get number confident on National Numeracy Day, 19 May!

GMB is delighted to be a delivery partner of National Numeracy Day, the UK's only annual day dedicated to everyday maths!

On 19 May, alongside the charity National Numeracy, we want to help children and adults feel confident about numbers at home, work and school. And it's more important than ever this year as the nation recovers from COVID.

Join us for a host of free online events, videos and resources including inspirational stories and practical advice from real-life learners and celebrities including Rachel Riley, Martin Lewis, Bobby Seagull and more! 

From helping us get on at work to supporting children or making our money go further, brushing up on our number confidence and skills can help. 

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19 May Live Schedule

7.30am: Breakfast Club - the National Numeracy Day celebrities launch the day with activities for children 

Start your day with the National Numeracy Day celebrity ambassadors and find out about all the activities and challenges to get children across the UK having fun and thinking differently about numbers. 

10.30am: Work it! Using numbers to assist your job search and career

Hear from celebrities, experts and workers about how boosting number confidence can help you get the job you want and get on in the job you have. 

1pm: Didn't enjoy homeschool maths? How to help children love numbers (even if you don’t)

Celebrities, experts, teachers and parents share their experiences and tips on how to help your children learn to love numbers – even if you don’t feel confident about them yourself. 

2.30pm: Money and confidence: Tips to make your money go further

Celebrities, experts and real people on how building number confidence can help you get on top of your finances, change the way you spend and plan for the future. 

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Supporting Children

We know some adults struggle with numbers but we want you to build your own confidence, especially to help your own children. 

Whether as a parent, carer or a teacher, building our own confidence with numbers helps when supporting children with maths. The National Numeracy Challenge is a great place to start. 

Jason talks about using numeracy at home

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School Number Heroes Competition

Why not take part in the School Number Heroes competition?

This competition is open to all school children aged 4-12 in the UK only. 

Download a sheet, get drawing and you could win a £1000 prize pack for the primary school of your choice, and a £50 voucher with a certificate for yourself. Take part at home or with your school.

Download Number Heroes sheet

See full competition details

Celebrity Ambassador Activities

Katya's Dance Activity

Katya Jones

"It’s completely normal to find maths difficult. But just like dancing, if we break it down into manageable steps and keep practising, we can ALL get better."  Katya Jones

Download Activity


Harry's Rap Activity

"...maths doesn’t have to be scary. And to prove it, this National Numeracy Day, I have written a special Numeracy Day Rap and put together some number rap activities to help everyone feel differently about maths." Harry Baker

Download Activity


Peter's Baking Activity

"My cupcake baking activity will get everyone thinking differently about numbers and how we use them every day! I’d love to see how you get on." Peter Sawkins

Download Activity

Numeracy for Work

Feeling confident and comfortable with numbers can help us get into work, or progress in our careers.

This National Numeracy Day on 19 May 2021, we want to help you build your confidence with numbers. The Challenge is a fantastic place to start to get number confident.

Maryam talks about numeracy and work

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Maths & Money

Feeling comfortable with numbers helps us feel more in control when making decisions with our money.

This National Numeracy Day we want to help you feel more confident with numbers. Take part in the challenge to boost your skills in numbers and help control your money.

Christine talks about how numbers helped her feel more independent 

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Become a Numeracy Champion

As a GMB member, why not sign up to be a Numeracy Champion? As a National Numeracy Day Champion, you will receive a full Champion’s Toolkit with all the free materials you need to get involved and celebrate in style on 19th May.

In addition, our School Number Heroes competition gives your primary school the chance to win a £1000 pack containing all the games, books and resources needed to get everyone in your school community feeling like a number hero, with vouchers for the winning children too. Sign up to get all the information on how to take part.

Sign up details: 

  • Select Organisation under "what kind of champion are you"
  • Sector: Trade Union
  • Name of Organisation: GMB Union
  • Role: Member/Rep/ULR/Staff - Choose applicable one


Share on Social Media using the hashtag #NationalNumeracyDay or for the School Number Heroes Competition use #SchoolNumberHeroes

Use our dedicated web page link gmb.org.uk/nnd21 and encourage as many people to join in!

For more details or if you have any question email us at learning@gmb.org.uk

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Before you go, why not try out the National Numeracy Challange today and get number ready!

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