Local lockdowns

Following events in Leicester, it's likely that there will be further local lockdowns across the UK. Here is guidance on what your workplace should be doing in the event of a local lockdown.

What workplaces should do in the event of a local lockdown

The first local lockdown was put in place in Leicester at the end of June / start of July, we knew that these might happen but we had no idea it would be before everything had opened back up. We think it is very likely that there may be further local lockdowns across the UK in the future.

Therefore we felt that you should have guidance on what your workplace should be doing in the event of a lockdown in your area.

First and foremost company Covid policy should revert back to the policy from the start of lockdown.

These policies should include the following:

  • anyone who can work from home, should now be working from home again
  • for those who are key workers, if social distancing has been reduced it should go back to 2 metres, where not possible, other separation measures (such as plastic screens) should be in place and/or relevant PPE
  • shielding workers should still shield / go back to shielding if they have been brought back to work
  • risk assessments should be done again for anyone in an at risk group - BAME, disabled, those with underlying conditions, pregnant workers, over 50's, those with high BMI etc.
  • considerations should be made for those living with extremely vulnerable
  • considerations should be made for those with childcare issues (not H&S but still needed)
  • considerations should be made about transport into work (may be reduced public transport), face covering for public transport should be provided
  • pregnant workers over 28 weeks should be at home on full pay as with those shielding
  • cleaning regimes should be as strict as the start of lockdown
  • for places where the public come in contact with workers and each other, numbers allowed in should be reduced to the start of lockdown levels
  • provide more hand sanitiser/ cleaning stations
  • stringent testing and self isolation policies
  • having regard to mental health issues/ moral issues of going back into lockdown

The next few months or indeed years could be tough and unsettling, so its more important than ever to be part of a union and have access to the support that we offer.

There is strength in numbers so please encourage your colleagues to join, it is easier for us to represent you as a large group rather than a few individuals. 

If you need any further advice or support, please contact your Region’s H&S Officer by calling your Regional Office.


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