Remembering those we’ve lost; fighting for those we love.

27 Apr 2020

GMB National President writes on how it's important we remember those we’ve lost and fight for those we love.

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Press Office

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I hope you and your loved ones are keeping well during this most trying of times.

You’ll have seen Tim’s blog on Workers’ Memorial Day, and I just want to add my support and encouragement for everyone taking part.

Tuesday 28th April is International Workers Memorial Day, when every year members of trade unions all around the world organise events to remember those who have lost their lives, whether it be gathering for speeches, lighting candles, planting memorial trees or taking part in a minutes’ silence.

This gives us the opportunity to reflect on the many people who are killed, seriously injured or made ill while simply doing their jobs.

Sadly this year many of our colleagues, friends and family have become ill or tragically died from Covid-19 as they bravely kept going to work during the pandemic to ensure we have food and essential deliveries, we’re cared for, our children are educated and people who need to get to and from work can do during this time.

Remembering those we’ve lost; fighting for those we love.

Barbara Plant, GMB National President

Despite the common knowledge of dangers posed by this virus, we are still hearing of unscrupulous employers who are putting our members at risk by not assessing the risk; not putting the correct controls in place; keeping employees in work who should be isolating or shielding; and not providing the relevant PPE.

We know that the government don’t want to listen to the Unions, but this time they’ve had to, because you, the workers actually doing the key jobs to keep the country running – know best.

Friends, please be confident that your Union - your Reps, Convenors, Officers and Organisers -are working tirelessly to get employers to follow the law and government guidance to keep you all as safe as possible at this time. 

We mourn those who have been taken from us far too early. We absolutely do not want to see more lives needlessly lost.

Sadly it is too late for some of our colleagues, friends and family members.

So therefore, please join us all, whether it’s at work, on social media, or in your home, to remember everyone who this year, went to work or was taken to hospital and sadly did not come home.  

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Remember the dead and fight for the living.

Take care, stay safe and I look forward to the day when we can all see each other again in person.

In love, hope and solidarity,

Barbara Plant
GMB National President  

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