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10 Sep 2019

Thank you for being part of GMB!

Press Office

Press Office

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It’s been a big 12 months at GMB.

I want to thank you for your continued membership because you are the union – without our members and fantastic reps GMB doesn’t happen. Thank you.

We’ve been going through a time of change as a union.

The working world is always changing, and we need to make sure we’re fit for the fight in the 21st century.

We’re fighting to protect jobs, terms and conditions - we’re innovating, growing and tackling the scourge of precarious work.

Tackling the gig economy

This year we negotiated an internationally ground breaking agreement with courier firm Hermes, tackling the scourge of bogus self-employment and giving workers the right to guaranteed hours and holiday and sick pay. Gig economy: take note we won’t be stopping here.

You're currently using our brand new website, filled with lots more information and advice for members.

We have a whole new set of member benefits in GMB Extra, online QuickRights guides for when you just need to check an area of employment law from a trusted source.

A campaigning union

Take action

What you can’t always see on the surface is how we’re investing in training for our people to make sure you have access to the best advice, representation and negotiators possible, and how we’re making sure GMB’s own law firm is accessible to you for free - more on UnionLine here.

Winning equal pay

I’ve never been more moved nor proud than at the Glasgow Women’s Strike for equal pay, marching with literally thousands of women stood together to fight for what was always rightfully theirs. And they won! We won! Because we know that when we stand together and fight, there is nothing we can’t achieve.

We represent everyone from energy workers and local government employees, to those working in Asda, schools and care.

From the manufacturing industry, for jobs now and in the future in industries like steel, water and shipbuilding, to chemicals, ceramics and food production - we’re fighting for a new deal for all working people.

Best wishes,

Tim Roache
General Secretary, GMB

PS – being a 21st century union means always engaging with our members. You can find me on Facebook and on Twitter.

Barbara Plant, National President, GMB

I am so proud to have been elected by delegates at GMB Congress in Brighton last year. My background is as a teaching assistant. I’ve been a GMB member for more than 20 years and a GMB activist for most of that time. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than travelling the length and breadth of the country meeting GMB members and seeing the amazing work you are doing. You can read more and stay in touch by visiting my blog: gmb.org.uk/president

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