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Equality - 05 Nov 2018

People will be writing about what happened here for years to come

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What an inspiration.

Raining, cold, dark, 5am (It’s Glasgow in November after all…) and still I had a smile on my face. The day before I’d visited the Strike Office and made sure I had a GMB Scotland woolly hat, thankfully.

I joined the Rhea, Scott, Hazel, Gary and the team in touring the picket lines across Glasgow.

Everywhere we went there were pickets lines of women in high spirits with placards, megaphones and a very clear demand – ‘pay us what we’re worth’.

The equal pay situation has gone on in Glasgow for some time now. Women are now rightly standing up and saying they’ve had enough. It’s time it was sorted.

The women on the picket lines were carers, cleaners and cooks. They are the women who keep Glasgow running, who care for Glasgow every day. They shut down whole services, and the absolute beauty of it was the solidarity they got from across the city from fellow workers.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary


I have a feeling people will be writing about what happened there for years to come.

There was no blame for services stopping – as much as some of the employers might have wanted that to be the case.

There was a feeling of ‘good on ye lassies’. This could be illustrated no better than the wheelchair bound lady who had her daughter bring her to the demonstration to support the woman who cared for her.

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The march and demonstration were massive. I actually hopped off it a few times to look back down the hill, and was absolutely amazed. The women and their banners just kept coming and coming.

At the demo itself, there are not many time when a male general secretary stands in the sidelines and watched a women only panel of trade unionists lead (mores the pity), but I was absolutely proud to do so.

I was there to show solidarity, the women – both staff and activists – had, and continue to lead, that strike to the acclaim of the people assembled in George Square.

Branch Secretary Shona gave the message loud and clear that the fight is not over yet, but with a campaign, solidarity, activists and determination like I saw during the Glasgow Women’s Strike, I have a feeling people will be writing about what happened there for years to come.

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