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30 Mar 2020

GMB National President Barbara Plant sends a message of solidarity to all GMB members and gives a special 'thank you' to all key workers going out their way to protect others at this time

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Press Office

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As National President, I just wanted to send a message of solidarity to you all in these very challenging and worrying times.  My hope is that all is well with you and your loved ones.

I am truly proud of our union, our members, lay structures and staff.  As Tim has already said in a previous email, you, as reps, are making a real difference to our members and I echo that sentiment.

I know that our reps and our branches are continuing to support and advise members during this very difficult period, and I also know, like my own branch, you are continuing to challenge employers who are disregarding government advice.  Thank you for your tireless work.

I pay tribute too, to our national and regional staff who are also working around the clock to make sure our members stay safe and get out clear information to everyone and thank you Tim for the leadership you have shown.

This is not a time for point scoring, as all Trade Unions are supporting their members across all sectors, but I am proud how GMB has risen to this challenge.

Most of all, my thoughts are with those members who work in the NHS and other vital key services, too numerous to list, but we know who they are.

Barbara Plant,
GMB National President

When this is over, our fight will then be to make sure they are properly rewarded and treated, no longer seen as being low-skilled and therefore low paid.  This crisis has also shown the need for our public services to be truly public, properly funded and resourced.

It was with a heavy heart that the CEC made the decision to cancel Congress this year in Blackpool, but it was without doubt the right decision to protect the health and safety of our members, activists and staff.

The democracy of our union is still ongoing, and I thank members of the finance and general purposes committee who now have delegated powers as per the rule book.

My warmest wishes to you all.  Take care, stay safe and I look forward to the day when we can all see each other again in person.

In hope and solidarity,

Barbara Plant
GMB National President   


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