Making a difference through politics

GMB works to make our members’ voices heard at all levels of political decision-making. We also work to help members understand how politics influences our workplaces and our lives, and in turn provide training and development so members can influence politics where they are to deliver positive change for members, their families and their communities.



A voice for members in Westminster


It is in Parliament where the laws that have a massive effect on our members’ working conditions are debated and decided. Making sure politicians know what matters to our members each step of the way when they make these decisions is a crucial part of what GMB does for our members at work.  

Through the work of the GMB Political Team members have had their concerns raised in the House of Commons, House of Lords, meet with MPs directly to share their experiences and have given their evidence to Select Committees which scrutinise the decisions the Government of the day makes.

We also have an active group of MPs and Peers who are GMB members and work closely with us to raise issues and pressure the Government to take action.

Whether it’s our members in shipbuilding fighting for justice and the future of their industry or brave ambulance members campaigning for laws that give emergency workers better protection at work – the GMB Political Department works to makes sure politics breaks out of the Westminster bubble and our members have the best chance to shape decisions on issues that matter to them.

Members make GMB’s campaigns. If you have an issue that affects you or other GMB members you think politicians should hear then get in touch with your Regional GMB Political Officer or the National Political Team at: politics@gmb.org.uk


GMB in Parliament

Labour MPs demand the truth for Cammell Laird shipyard workers jailed for striking in 1984, in support of GMB's campaign to get justice for our members.



Rachel Harrison, GMB's Lead Officer for Foster Carers, standing up for members at the Education Select Committee session on Fostering.


GMB has an active Parliamentary Group of MPs and Peers who work closely with us to make our members' voices heard and generate support for our campaigns 

Supporting GMB members to stand for office


Politics can often still seem to be trapped in a ‘Westminster Bubble’ where decisions are made, in large part, by people who have not experienced the issues facing working people in Britain today.

GMB is made of hundreds of thousands of members who help deliver our public services, power our homes, keep our shops open and manufacture some of the country’s best loved products. Our members have a wealth of real life experience that is so often missing from council chambers and the green benches of the House of Commons, and have the values needed to create a more equal society which puts power in the hands of working people.

GMB is committed to training and supporting members to stand for public office and provide political development opportunities for members so that we have a strong voice in all aspects of political life.

GMB offers training and support to members looking to stand for public office. If you are interested in any of these opportunities please download and complete the form below and email National GMB Political Officer Tom Warnett at Tom.Warnett@gmb.org.uk


Download GMB Future Candidates Form

Hundreds of thousands of GMB members work in delivering the local services we all rely on. GMB stands up for our local government members and our local communities against cuts, chaotic reorganisations, outsourcing and privatisation

Working for members in Local Government


From schools to social care, our roads and refuse collections – hundreds of thousands of GMB members work in delivering the local services we all rely on.

How these services are delivered, and many of our members’ terms and conditions, come down to the decisions made by the councillors we elect. After local authority budgets have suffered years of austerity cuts from Conservative Governments since 2010, councils are at breaking point under the pressure to implement more cuts, chaotic reorganisations, outsourcing and privatisation.

The GMB Political Team nationally and regionally supports our members campaigning to protect their jobs and communities and works proactively with Labour Councillors who support our aims to help fight back Tory austerity and rebuild our communities.

Part of this work is our GMB’s Councillors’ Network which supports GMB members interested in becoming a Councillor, and promotes our members’ interests and best practice with our elected Councillors through support, training and information.

To get involved in the GMB Councillors’ Network get in touch with your Regional GMB Political Officer or National GMB Political Officer Tom Warnett at tom.warnett@gmb.org.uk

GMB Local Government News

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