MDS worker testimony

The jobs website 'Indeed' also paints a scathing picture of life at MDS. The company currently scores a shocking 1.8/5 for culture, and 1.9/5 for management. Selected posts below:

"Awful company to work for. Slave labour pay considering how hard you work. They over work you and give you unachievable targets every single month, they do not allocate for sick days or vehicle break downs. You are constantly being contacted and pressured by managers to increase your numbers when you are already going at break neck speed. Many employees here are often off sick with depression and stress related issues and many have been prescribed antidepressants."

A reviewer called 'Disillusioned' said: "Started off seeming like a great job but over time things have gotten worse and worse. Moving areas around to cover work and then moving most of the contracts and workers to a completely different company. The pay is horrendous and can barely feed and clothe yourself and pay for rent. No bonus. No benefits. Ridiculous working areas."

Another poster added: "I started out on poor salary having to work stupid hours to get by. The miles you would cover and places you would go wasn’t how they first described the job. The targets are unrealistic and office staff are useless."

"Been here a while now, they don't care about you, you're a robot that punches in numbers. This company employs on the cheap and the people on the ground suffer the most. They want a ridiculous amount out of you but do not supply the correct information or equipment to get it done. HR office workers speak to you like you're thick and have no idea how stressful the job can be."

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