Looking for your membership number?

This page outlines a few places you can find it.

Where you can find your GMB membership number

A membership number is given to every member when they join GMB and is personal to each member. It is a combimation of six numbers with letter at the end - the letter at the end relates to the GMB region you are in.

1) On your membership card

When you join GMB you are issued a membership card that gets delivered to your address along with your welcome pack within two to three weeks of your application being submitted.

2) In emails form GMB

When you recieve emails from the union we will usually include your membership number in these. Often you will find your membership number at the very top in bold, but if not there then do check the footer of the emails as more often than not it will be included there. To find these emails in your inbox search 'hello@gmb.org.uk'.

3) In your MyGMB account

When you login to your MyGMB account you will find your membership number at the top of the page. If you joined online, you can login to your MyGMB account with the email address you used to join.

4) Contact your local team

If you can't find your membership number via any of the points above then we recommend you drop your local team a message - providing your full name, date of birth and post code so they can find you on the system - or give them a call using the contact details on their page.

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