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Date: 17/02/2021

Dear GMB member,                                                          

Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated in the last consultative ballot on this year’s pay claim.

The vote was to not accept the offer from your employer – the vote was 18 to reject and 15 to accept.

Since the GMB vote was concluded our joint trade union members have voted to accept the offer from their employers and our joint union have written to the company formally accepted the pay deal.

This now puts GMB members in a difficult position given that our joint union - by a large margin - have most members in this sector.

I have had a telephone conversation with your employer after I wrote to them informing that GMB members have rejected the offer on the table. I asked if the company could improve the offer at all?  – not surprisingly – I was informed that this is not possible and that no improvements will be made at all.

This is a full and final offer.

With this in mind our joint union members have accepted, your employer is not prepared to improve the offer, after consultation with your local and regional reps we have decided to re ballot with a very strong recommendation to accept given the circumstance GMB now finds itself in.

If the offer is rejected again then you will be consulted on what form of industrial action you are prepared to take - a course of action which could result in the loss of the pay award.

The consultative ballot will take place over the coming weeks and I strongly reiterate the recommendation that you accept the wage offer put forward by your employer.

Yours sincerely

Steve Kemp

GMB National Officer



Date: 19/11/2020

Dear GMB member,

Firstly, we hope your families and loved ones are safe and well in this very testing time that we see ourselves unfortunately in.

On Thursday 18 November 2020 the joint unions met with your employer to discuss your wage claim.

A presentation was given by your employer outlining the financial situation which the company finds itself in, in what are very uncertain times due to the global pandemic.

Whilst there are some regions within HANSON which are working to capacity, many are not and overall, your employer stated that they are not back to normal levels and that the company – performance and volume wise – are well below where they were last year.

Your employer though agreed with the joint unions in recognising the immense amount of commitment given from the workforce in these extremely difficult times.

Your employer reported that the outlook for quarter 4 of 2020 and beyond remain very uncertain due to increased likelihood of a no deal Brexit, and the continuation of the Job Retention Scheme.

Also, your employer stated that UK GDP fell by 20.4% in the three months to June, representing the deepest recession since records began.

The joint unions after difficult negotiation have managed however to ensure that a wage increase WILL be paid. Your employer has offered a 1% increase on all elements of pay for your consideration.

This is after an initial offer of 0.5% from your employer was rejected on your behalf by the joint unions.

The offer of 1% is currently above the current CPI inflation rate of 0.7%. Your employer has made it clear that this is as far as it can go given the economic and market circumstances it finds itself in.

Given the bleak economic outlook forecast due to the impact of the virus, and the huge number of companies which have closed with the impact of thousands of jobs lost, the joint unions seriously recommend the 1% offer for acceptance.

Pay freezes / delaying of wage talks are regretfully commonplace now. And with the situation in some respects getting worse in the job market the joint unions reiterate a strong recommendation to accept this offer of 1% from your employer.

This is a very trying and difficult time indeed and with that in mind the joint unions thank you for your continued membership. 

Yours sincerely

Steve Kemp

GMB National Officer


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