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Date: 08-03-21

Dear GMB members,

I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well in these extremely difficult times.

Both GMB and our joint trade union have as you will no doubt be aware been involved in negotiating a pay deal with your employer.

On Thursday 4 March 2021 we again met with your employer having rejected an offer of 1.2%, which GMB and our joint trade union believe was unacceptable. When talks resumed your employer offered 1.4% and this was again rejected by GMB and our joint trade union.

To get a deal through and to also ensure that these talks did not drag on - which is in no one’s interest - GMB and our joint trade union put forward a 1.5% demand with a recommendation to accept.

After your employer called for an adjournment, they announced that the 1.5% was acceptable with a recommendation to GMB and our joint trade union members.

Agreement was therefore reached.

Firstly, given that the offer is 1.5% we and your local representatives believe that the offer can be strongly recommended for acceptance by GMB and our joint trade union members. Inflation at the current time CPI wise is 0.7% and so this deal should ensure that GMB and our joint trade union members standard of living wage wise should not be at risk.

Secondly, your employer has agreed to pay all outstanding bonus payments after representation on this issue by GMB and our joint trade union.

Lastly, given the bleak economic outlook and the immense problems caused by the pandemic, we reiterate again that the 1.5% in the present circumstances constitutes a pay rise which frankly wasn’t on the cards a short time ago. No doubt you would have heard of the devastation to which the pandemic has caused to the UK economy, companies closing, thousands losing their jobs and the freezing of wage deals throughout the UK regretfully and sadly have become almost commonplace.

Your employer has also agreed to pay outstanding back pay from 1 January 2021.

We strongly recommend a YES vote - and thank you for your continued membership of GMB and our joint trade union it is genuinely appreciated.

The ballot will run from Monday 8 March to noon Monday 15 March.

Yours sincerely

Steve Kemp                                                                         
GMB National Officer          

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