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Monier Redland/BMI 2021 Wage Claim

Date: 20/11/2020

Dear GMB Member

Firstly, I both hope that you and your families are safe and well in this uncertain and concerning time due to the pandemic.

I write to inform you that the joint trade unions met with your employer on both Monday 15 November and also on Friday 20 November to discuss the wage claim for 2021.

The joint trade unions surveyed its members at plants, and whilst there was a number of issues raised by members the overwhelming view from members was the demand for a pay rise above the rate of inflation, this was first and foremost in members minds.

When we met with your employer the joint trade unions recognised what its members was informing them of, and we put a pay claim in for 2% on all elements of pay and stated to your employer the reasons why.

We are very pleased to announce that your employer has taken this into account and offered a 2% increase on all elements of pay.

Due to the global pandemic and the enormous impact this has had on the UK economy: Wage claims in the current climate of job losses, are in many cases met by employers with pay freezes or delays to wage talks taking place. The situation is serious and is totally unprecedented. We currently face the deepest recession since records began and that alongside a 20.4% decrease in gross domestic product paints a grim picture.

Given the grim economic outlook alongside a very uncertain future the joint unions very strongly recommend the offer of 2% increase on all elements of pay for your acceptance in the forthcoming wage claim ballot.

This wage claim is above the current RPI rate of inflation and - wage wise -  should ensure that the joint unions members standard of living is secure.

We believe this delivers what we had been asked by members to secure.

As ever thank you for your continued membership.

Yours sincerely

Steve Kemp

GMB National Officer




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