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Date: 11-02-21

Dear GMB Member

This is a joint statement from GMB and our joint trade unions who have been involved in negotiations with your employer discussing changes to the WAA for over 4 years.

These negotiations / discussions were needed to be held, simply because like many agreements over time it inevitably had become outdated.

We are pleased therefore that after extensive and intense negotiations with your employer which in turn has brought further improvements to the agreement that we can strongly recommend that you vote to accept the new amended Way Ahead Agreement.

Toolbox talks are going to be held at your plant. This will explain the changes made, and if you have any queries on the agreement then please raise them with local plant managers as well as local trade union representatives.

Finally, and to reiterate. Both GMB and our joint trade union strongly recommend acceptance and a yes vote in the forthcoming ballot to be held from Monday 8 March to noon Friday 26 March.

This agreement constitutes a modern up to date agreement which benefits you as GMB and our joint trade union members employed with TARMAC. In particular in these very uncertain times due to the pandemic, this agreement provides secure terms and conditions - fit for purpose - and one to which should ensure terms and conditions are enjoyed for some considerable time.

Vote YES in the forthcoming ballot.

Yours sincerely

Steve Kemp
GMB National Officer         

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