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Our Public Services Sections covers  hundreds of thousands of workers across the country, in jobs such as local government, care, the NHS and schools. 

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Tell Rishi Sunak: stop the public sector pension swindle

Government is pinching £2.4 billion from paramedics, teaching assistants, refuse collectors and social workers. Help us win it back.

Protect the protectors

WIN! The 'Protect the Protectors' law has received Royal Assent.

As a result of the success of this campaign, emergency services staff are one step closer to the protection they need on the job.

Go Public

After years of sustained cuts, chaotic reorganisations, outsourcing and privatisation, our public services are close to breaking point. Time for change

Put our NHS in public hands

Support our campaign calling for Ministers to listen to NHS workers and managers and end the outsourcing and privatisation of our NHS.

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