‘Tory austerity continues to hit poorest’ as Doncaster council announces 80 job losses

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02 Oct 2019
Press Office

Press Office

GMB, the union for Doncaster workers hits back as further budget cuts imposed by the Tory government result in 80 job losses across Doncaster council.

At a cabinet meeting yesterday, board members were faced with the stark reality of saving a further £16.8m from council budgets resulting in 80 job losses throughout the council and a further 15 job losses across children’s services.

This is more shocking news for the people of Doncaster, who since 2010 have been hit hardest by austerity.

Deanne Ferguson, GMB Regional Organiser

Since 2010, Doncaster council have seen 50% of their budget cut from central government funding as a direct result of Tory austerity. Doncaster is the 3rd worst hit local authority in the Country affected by cuts.

Only a few days ago, Boris Johnson made a visit to Doncaster whilst announcing more money for police recruits but was confronted by a member of the public who said "People have died because of austerity, and you’ve got the cheek to come here and tell us austerity's over and it's all good now."

Deanne Ferguson, GMB Regional Organiser said

“This is more shocking news for the people of Doncaster, who since 2010 have been hit hardest by austerity. We have seen savage cuts to our adult social care, local authorities, children’s services and prisons, effecting the most vulnerable across the community.

“Despite the loud promises of money for education, health and policing that Johnson attempts to boast, we are clearly seeing none of this here in Doncaster and the extra funds promised by this government will barely reverse a quarter of cuts endured by this government since 2010.

“How dare Johnson think the people of Doncaster will fall for more fake promises by this Tory government.

"What the people of Doncaster really need, is the immediate reversal of these vindictive cuts, to allow the local authority to provide the services the community desperately needs.

“The GMB Union are working closely with the council to find alternative measures to save the funding required. One area we plan to look at is the cost of agency and consultant fees which we have already raised with the council as an alternative to job losses."


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