'85% of Coventry council staff experience bullying'

04 Mar 2019
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GMB, the union for Coventry Council (CCC) staff, is demanding urgent action after a shock survey revealed 85% of workers had experience bullying.

The poll, which went out to hundreds of council staff, revealed 85% had experience bullying in the past year – all of which involved a manager.

Results from the survey also reveal that:

  • Workers had their jobs threatened, suffered unpleasant personal remarks, intimidation, exclusion, threats, public humiliation, malicious gossip and even physical attacks
  • 90% were aware of colleagues being bullied or harassed
  • Two thirds did not report the bullying because their manager was the bully or they felt reporting it ‘would have made things worse’ or they were ‘scared of retribution’
  • 62.5% said their manager treated them either badly or very badly
  • A third were bullied or harassed because of their gender

GMB has submitted the results of the survey to the council’s HR department in a bid to solve the problem.

“It is time for Coventry City Council to deal with this systemic problem.”

Justine Jones, GMB Organiser:

So far the HR department has refused to engage in meaningful discussions.

Meanwhile grievances submitted by GMB members months ago remain live - in contravention of the council’s grievance policy.

Justine Jones, GMB Organiser, said:

“Our members’ lives are being made a misery by the culture of bullying and intimidation within Coventry City Council.

“Despite continual efforts by GMB to resolve the situation, CCC has buried its heads in the sand – in fact they are time wasting over grievances to dissuade GMB members from submitting complaints.

“They are showing a complete lack of empathy towards staff who are suffering and this is from the top down.

“The authority is making no attempt to protect staff from bullying and intimidating behaviour which takes place on a daily basis.

“GMB will support members through any periods of difficulty and urge our members to come forward. Bullying in the workplace should not be tolerated at any level.

“It is time for Coventry City Council to deal with this systemic problem.”

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