Appledore Workers 'sold down River Torridge'

11 Jun 2019
Press Office

Press Office

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Reports emerging this morning suggest that the Government has encouraged Italian firm Fincantieri to resubmit their bid to build FFS ships after halting in bidding the process which saw the closure Appledore Shipyard in North Devon.

Jake McLean, GMB organiser at Appledore Shipyard, said:

“We’ve been sold down the Torridge by the Government.

“It seems the government will go across the rest of Europe to encourage bids, but it wouldn’t make the short drive from London to North Devon.

“There’s now no question, if the government had the appetite to save Appledore they could have worked with us and the company to keep it open.

“It just shows that 40 years on from Thatcher, the Tories still don’t give a toss about Industrial communities in our country."

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