ASOS fatcats post over £30m profits

09 Apr 2020
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GMB has slammed Asos fat cats for revelling in extravagant profits while workers risk their safety to keep the empire afloat. 

Unlike their competitors, Asos has stayed open throughout the coronavirus helping them post over £30 million in profit

Meanwhile their workers beg them to close, saying they are ‘like rats’ trapped in a ‘cradle of disease’

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Last month fellow fashion retailer Next closed their online operation – nearby to Asos’s Barnsley warehouse – after a public backlash. 

Neil Derrick, GMB Yorkshire Regional secretary said: 

“While competitors have closed their doors where they could not keep their workers safe, Asos has seen coronavirus as a business opportunity and stayed open for a flash sale. 

“That’s helped them to post extravagant profits over £30 million. 

“But while the fat cats take the profits the people who keep their empire afloat are risking their safety. 

"This is hardly ethical business -putting profits before people. 

“Asos need to do the decent thing - if it can’t keep people safe it must close its doors and take advantage of the Government’s 80% furlough scheme. Today’s results show that Asos can more than afford to top this up. 

“The company says they want to do the right thing – now is the time to actually do it. ” 


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