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Belfast Zoo giraffe comments 'appalling'

11 Jan 2019
Press Office

Press Office

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GMB, the union for Belfast Zoo workers, has responded to ‘appalling’ comments by a local councillor after three giraffes died.

Cllr McGimpsey suggested that there has been some sort of cover up with senior officials unaware of the incidents, that zoo staff failing follow correct reporting guidelines and likening the zoo to a Victorian peep show’. 

Alan Perrry, GMB Organiser, said:

“We are totally appalled that anyone would think that the deaths were hidden from anyone and would defend the integrity and professionalism of our members and staff.

“What Cllr McGimpsey fails to acknowledge or indeed understand is the immense pride staff  have in their work.

“Keepers and workers at the zoo are greatly saddened and full of grief when any animal in their care passes away.

“Our members are totally appalled that any blame would be apportioned to them and deeply resentful of any comments suggesting that any animals in their care are neglected. 

“For our members in Belfast Zoo it is not just a job but a lifelong vocational role that they deliver with the utmost professionalism and dedication and GMB is proud of them. "

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