Care home cash welcome - but full sick pay best way to combat COVID

17 Sep 2020
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Press Office

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GMB, the union for social care staff, has welcomed the Government’s pledge to put another £546 million towards fighting infections in care homes - but says full sick pay is the real way to combat coronavirus in care. 

The union also claim some of the £600 million pledged by Ministers back in May is still to reach frontline staff in care homes across England

Thanks to pressure from GMB, numerous care providers have agreed to full pay for more than 40,000 carers from day one of their covid-19 related absence. 

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Today the union is renewing calls for isolating staff to receive full sick pay as a necessary measure to help combat the rising covid infection rate across England

Rachel Harrison, GMB National Officer, said:  

“This extra funding is welcome – but some of the Government's previously pledged £600 million for infection prevention still hasn’t reached care homes.  

“It’s now an imperative that we get a commitment to ensure that all of funding reaches our social care heroes on the frontline. 

“But the single biggest weapon to fight covid-19 is for the Government to commit to full pay for social care workers who have to take time off work due to coronavirus, 

“Currently most  low-paid, predominantly women and BAME social care workers are left languishing on £95 a week and face the Catch-22 choice between going to work and putting the lives of the people they care for at risk, or staying home and not be able to put food on the table.” 

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