'Cold-hearted' minister washes hands of Bombardier job losses

22 Oct 2018
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Press Office

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These job losses, on top of those at Cammell Laird and the announced closure of Appledore, show this Government’s industrial strategy is in tatters says GMB Union

GMB, the union for Bombardier workers, has criticised a Government Minister for ‘washing his hands’ of bombardier job losses.

Bombardier is a private company and the Government has no role in it's commercial decisions...

Richard Harrington, Minsters for Business, Energy, Innovation and Strategy

Bombardier yesterday announced 490 job cuts in Northern Ireland – GMB pledged to fight ‘tooth and nail’ to save them.

The minster also claimed to be ready to work with trade unions – GMB’s officer are waiting for him to make contact with baited breath.

Watching a Government Minister wash his hands of almost 500 UK job losses with Christmas just around the corner is particularly cold-hearted. Almost 500 people will be out of work - families who will no longer contribute through tax and NI towards schools, hospitals and public services. Instead they will be forced onto benefits.

That’s 500 families early next year wondering if they can pay the mortgage or make the rent this month, cancelling the chippy tea or pizza night with the kids, not having that meal or family celebration in the local restaurant. The impact on the wider community and economy is also being ignored at a time when Brexit is bringing huge uncertainty to jobs and investment.

 As an immediate priority the Government should be seeking a way forward with workers, unions and companies to ensure that there is a future for manufacturing in Belfast – they deseve a Government that will stand up for them, not simply walk away.  

 These job losses, on top of those at Cammell Laird  and the announced closure of Appledore, is further evidence that this Government’s industrial strategy lies in tatters.

Michael Mulholland, GMB Organiser

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