Corby Teaching Assistants urge U-turn

27 May 2021
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Corby eaching Assistants urge U-turn as lunch breaks cut in half for Danesholme Junior School support staff.

Hardworking Teaching Assistants at a local Corby Junior school are fighting back over proposals by school management to cut their 1 hour lunch breaks in half, leaving already over-stretched staff with only half an hour at lunch.

Teaching Assistants at the school believe that their health, safety & welfare is being put at risk by the proposals and that they aren’t in line with that of other staff at the school.

Teaching Assistants have already lost their morning break at the school, which is not the case for Teaching Assistants at other local schools within the same academy trust.

Rachelle Wilkins, GMB Trade Union Regional Organiser said:

This just isn’t good enough. I have approached the school and expressed how devastated Teaching Assistants are with the proposals. The school so far do not wish to get back around the table with Teaching Assistants, instead refusing to answer staff questions and simply repeating their position.

GMB is the trade union for all school staff and we will continue to support these members in their fight to keep their 1 hour lunch break. We’re with them 100% and it’s clear from them that this move would put their health, safety & welfare at risk. School top brass are treating them unfairly and differently to the teaching staff; we don’t believe that any staff should have their lunch break cut.



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