COVID-19 heroes threatened with the sack

22 May 2020
Press Office

Press Office

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The GMB will fight to protect and support these essential frontline workers throughout this crisis and beyond

Every Thursday hundreds of thousands of people across the country turn out to clap for the carers who are risking their own lives during the COVID-19 crisis in order to help protect some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

At the same time, Leicestershire County Care Ltd have threatened to cut pay for their carers by 30% alongside huge cuts to holidays, sick pay and paternity leave. These proposals were understandably rejected by a workforce already under strain due to the ongoing pandemic and now the company have responded by threatening nearly a hundred hard working heroes with the sack.


GMB Officer, Jim Clarke, said:

“At a time of national crisis we are all relying on key workers and they need our support to keep up their incredible work. The vast majority of companies, organisations and individuals are taking steps at the moment to protect the vulnerable and save lives whilst Leicestershire County Care Ltd are clearly only interested in protecting their profit margin.”

“This is a shocking reminder of how under-valued our care workers are and how quickly they can be forgotten. The GMB will fight to protect and support these essential frontline workers throughout this crisis and beyond and we are calling upon the company to remove this threat and to work with the unions to ensure the workforce are valued and high quality care continues to be provided in the county by these experienced and dedicated professionals.”

Shadow Care Minister and Leicester West MP, Liz Kendall said:

“We are on the brink of a national care crisis with the industry relying on paying poverty wages to sustain a system which so many families rely on. Carers are going above and beyond at the moment and Leicestershire County Care Ltd are doing our local heroes a huge disservice by repaying their hard work and bravery with threats of further financial hardship or even the sack.”

“These vital key workers have my complete support and I will be writing to the CEO, Davie Vive Kananda, to demand that they immediately meet with representatives of the GMB and other unions to resolve this situation in a way which protects frontline workers and the vulnerable people they care for.”

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